The last luxurious penthouse apartment left

Na Hubálce 922/1, Prague 6 Střešovice

Penthouse 4+2 to 7+kk

The apartment is situated on two floors connected by a private staircase. The lower part of the apartment, which consists of the entire fourth floor, is divided by an internal staircase into intimate rooms and areas of daily life. This separates the bedrooms and bathroom from the kitchen, living room and dining terrace. The upper floor offers a variety of uses, from a private office or a consulting room to an apartment or another very luxury zone with the main generous terrace overlooking Hradčany and The Prague Castle. The apartment is variable and can be remodeled into space with 4 rooms with two kitchens into to 7 rooms with a kitchenette.


Penthouse; 249,9 m2

4. - 5. floor

Floor area of the apartment - 177,9 m²

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