The last luxurious penthouse apartment left

Na Hubálce 922/1, Prague 6 Střešovice

About the Villa


The author of the Villa Vladimír Gregr (1902-1943) was one of the most famous architects of the Czech avantgarde during the interwar era. He built public houses, but mainly villas for the celebrities of that time. He was the author of seven villas in the Czech Hollywood (current Barrandov) or the house of Jan Werich. Villa Gregr is his functionalist pearl. According to the architectural history expert Zdeněk Lukeš, Gregr's villa na Hubálce belongs to his most precious works.: "Probably the most valuable pre-war building is the remarkable villa in the street Na Hubálce 1..." (Lukeš, Z.)

Radek Lampa - associate professor of architecture

The renewal of the Villa Gregr was entrusted to associate professor of architecture Radek Lampa - an architect just as famous as Gregr. He designed for example the indispensable dominant of Prague - Palace Crystal or the residence of the international company BDO, which has elements of the architectonic avantgarde appearing in Gregr's work. Achitect Lampa just like Gregr designs also villas for famous Czech people including Petr Kellner.

A word from the architect

A Hollywood architect, author of the aerodynamic design of Slovenska Strela, favourite architect of the Havel family. A fruitful architect originally oscillating between cultivated functionalism and wild west style, arrested by the Gestapo and executed at 41 years in the Reich for resistence activity. This is the author of the villa on Na Hubálce street - Vladimir Gregr. In my eyes, his most interesting and generous work. Architecture built on the simple play of volumes and refined composition of full walls and windows. A house statue. Connection of his functional architecture with nature created a unified and a clear idea. A romantic image of nature is expressed on the facade in the form of a coarse plaster called pine bark and a wooden deck as timbering. As an architect coming with respect to a rare monument after eighty years, I have stood in front of a challenging task. Our goal was to mainly preserve Gregr’s magic and the era of Prague’s elite. The usage of the house and his complex reconstruction required some things to be added, some to be taken away, which has been done not to damage, but to highlight the above described. I hope we have succeeded.


Luxurious living is not just a house or a flat. Luxurious living includes the closest surroundings of your home. If you choose Villa Gregr, you would live in a truly royal location. The Villa Gregr stands on the edge of the Prague’s historic center, between Ořechovka and Pohořelec, in one of the most luxurious quarters. The historic route of Hradčany begins only four minutes from the Villa and you could reach the gate of the Prague Castle with a comfortable fifteen minute walk. In fact, everything important you need for a happy life lies within fifteen minutes. The Villa is located just a few minutes away from the Petřín park and even less from the children’s playground in Max van der Stoel’s park. You will have two public and one international kindergarten, two international and one public elementary school within walking distance. Furthermore, the Strahov sports grounds, Střešovice Sports Club and the Petynka open air public pool are all within fifteen minutes walk. A public dance school is two minutes from the Villa, just a bit further is a gymnastics club. Restaurants, caffes and shops are on Bělohorská street and on Pohořelec, five minutes away from the house as well as a cinema. It takes five minutes by car to reach the Health Care Center Pod Marjánkou. The Prague circuit is reachable in two minutes and the airport in fifteen minutes, both by car.